Connecting the world in an unforgettable way

Thank you Steve Ballmer from Microsoft joining Konnex!

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Welcome! to the new age of communication. Konnex is THE new social media networking platform that helps you connect and stay better connected with others in an unforgettable way.

Konnex has special features such as:

  • Ranking and Point system incentivized to help you reach your goals and speak to level 50 people in real life. Konnex currently allows you to reach 50 different levels of achievements.

  • Knotes- A personalized note-taking feature that allows users to digitally record conversation or notes about another person. Feature allows user to send notes to new contacts and ability to post publicly or privately. The Konnex platform stores the Date, Time, Location of any individual that you meet.

  • K-Map- A Geo-location feature that tracks user location and displays on an easily readable map.

  • Robust Search feature- Proprietary search feature that allows users to search anything at all in the app, name, location, dates, personalized notes. An easy an robust way to search.

  • K-feed- A system and platform designed for users to share K-notes, photos, videos, and events to communicate to other users to show live meetings and conversations.

  • K-Biz- A feature that allows users to list their private/ personal business to other users and increase rankings.

Users can add multiple contacts and store based on 

-Strong Tie Connections

-New Tie Connections

Simple 2 Levels of Memberships.

1. Free
Free memberships include: Access to Konnex platform. Up too 100 knotes stored. 100 konnex credits upon sign up.

2. Premium version includes: Facial recognition, Faster ranking abilities, Unlimited K-note Storage. One-time $4.99 fee for annual membership.1 year business page listing. 

10,000 Konnex Credits.
25% Discount Konnex Credits.
Exclusive invites to high ranking level events.
Discounted 6 month website creation for mobile and web services.
Priority Seo ranking in Konnex platform.

Konnex Radio Live Interview

If we met or spoke in person about Konnex Subscribe now to gain early access to Konnex

After attending my Mentor, Bob Proctor's event The Matrix, we were invited to his house to spend time in his studio. There he Signed and autographed  his book, " You were born Rich" and after initially telling him my idea of Konnex he told me to " Keep going" and wrote it in the book. Thanks Bob.

Back in 2016, IN BOB PROCTORS personal studio, I announced that I am going to create a revolutionary new social business networking platform that will change the way the world will communicate forever. 1 million+ people viewed that announcement that day.

My mentor Bob Proctor and I.

Hello, I'm the Founder and Creator of Konnex, this picture was taken at my mentor''s office, Bob Proctor's personal studio. Konnex is the world's next social media networking platform to help you better connect with others and achieve all your goals faster than ever before with the power of a powerful network. 


Konnex will help shape and transform the way you connect with others and through our platform we guarantee your contacts will never forget where, when and why they met you.

Konnex- Connecting the world in an unforgettable way!

-Aurangzeb Shereef

Brendan Iribe (Founder of Oculus Rift) and I, at the University of Maryland Bit Camp, Hack-A-thon. Konnex will incorporate a virtual reality feature.

Mark Zuckerberg bought Brendan Iribes company for $2billion.

My first book published is Konnex Guide to Success. It is a collection of the top essays and mentor’s advice I use in my with additional commentary on how it can apply to your life. It contains tips, tools and resources for success habits to adopt and use.

My second book is "Master The Art of Networking" This book serves as a guide for tips and tools for networking. Use this guide to help advance your professional and career goals.

Friends on Konnex

Steve Case, Co-founder of AOL

            I met Steve Case at a Hishokoa Series event at the Clarice center at the University of Maryland.
                                                                                  Our interaction was stored in Konnex.

Sam Medile, Owner of Umd Off-Campus Parking

I met Sam Medile at the Hotel in College Park and we discussed how to expand his off-campus parking business. He offers very affordable rates for student parking on campus! 

                                                                           Christoper Scolese, Director of NASA

I met Chris Scolese at the Maniac Talk at Goddard Space Center while I was a software developer working on database systems for Nasa. He is a truly exceptional and accomplished human being.

 The team after winning Pirhana Tank!