What is Konnex?

Konnex is the World's Next Advanced Social Networking Platform.

How it started

Konnex started with an idea in my Mind.....

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My Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

First Designs. being Made. On a napkin... Like every other great idea or company formed... Seriously, on an American Airlines napkin, 30,000 feet in the air.

Through Hard Work and Dedication, We built Konnex.

Inspirational people that helped me along the way

Bob Proctor

The Legend

Kevin Plank

Founder of Under Armour

I met Bob Proctor when I was 26.

I met Kevin Plank at Cupids Cup in  2014.

Brendan Iribe

Founder of Oculus

Christoper Scolese

Former Director of NASA

I met Brendan at Bitcamp at UMD

I met Chris at the Maniac Talk he delivered at Goddard Space Center

Steve Case

Co-founder of AOL

Anthony Casalena

Founder of Square Space

I met Steve at one of his talks at UMD

   I met Anthony when he was being honored at UMD

Marillyn Hewson

CEO of Lockheed Martin

James Loree

CEO of Black & Decker

I met Marillyn at a BEYA Conference in DC.

       I met James at a talk at the Smith Business School