Connecting the world in an unforgettable way

*Latest Announcements-September 2018*

Hackathon Season 2018

Konnex is pleased to announce that we are acquiring two start-ups from UMBC to help us grow our technology platform. Please see links below!

We are also opening our new office at WeWork near The University of Maryland, College Park this Summer!


We are also hosting our Konnex pitch events for start-ups seeking funding up to $1million with famous celebrity judges in the tech space such as Gary V, Apply with the link below:


Our latest partnership deals: 

Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center, AT&T, Verizon, University of Maryland

We are also requesting to be featured on Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top 30 fastest growing companies in the world.

We  also recently Launched two more companies in our entertainment departments.

  • Finally we are working on Konnex IOT and wearables. During Penn Apps 2018, we successfully designed our first prototype for the Konnex Holographic Glass Phone!

Also we are proud to announce that we have our books available for purchase through Lulu.com

(Konnex Shift Workbook, recommended to purchase with Konnex Guide to Success)

(Konnex Gratitude Journal)

(Konnex Goal-Achiever Journal)

We are also the first Sponsor at the Blair Hackathon at Montgomery Blair High School In Silver Spring 2019 in order to mentor/teach and give back to interested students in computer science.

Lastly, I have been communicating with Gary Vaynerchuck and I will be bringing him to the University of Maryland to speak to young entrepreneurs next year.

Articles written about me and Konnex

Video Testimonials

Radio & Podcast Interviews

Hanging out with Hollywood Movie Producers, Universal Studios

*Now Accepting Bitcoin & Etheruem

** Konnex is free for 1 week for final testing and updating on all platforms. **Paradigm Shift Attendants will receive 1 year discounted memberships. Please Email Name and Occupation to konnexapp@gmail.com. Our Team members will respond to you immediately.

**ANNOUNCEMENT** Konnex will be traveling on a cross-country tour bus during the Big 10 conference to competing colleges and will be giving away free prizes and discounts, follow us on Social media to find out more!

*Recently I pitched Konnex to casting directors in New York and have been approved to be on Shark Tank!  Click on the LinkedIn article to read more   ------------------------->   

Welcome to Konnex!

What is Konnex & how does it work? Click the video below to find out more!

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Welcome to the new age of mobile communication. Konnex is THE new social media networking platform that helps you connect and stay better connected with others in an unforgettable way and in turn improving your short-term memory.

Konnex has special features such as

  • Ranking and Point system incentivized to help you reach your goals and speak to level 50 people in real life. Konnex currently allows you to reach 50 different levels of achievements.

  • Knotes- A personalized note-taking feature that allows users to digitally record conversation or notes about another person. Feature allows user to send notes to new contacts and ability to post publicly or privately. The Konnex platform stores the Date, Time, Location of any individual that you meet.

  • K-Map- A Geo-location feature that tracks user location and displays on an easily readable map.

  • Robust Search feature- Proprietary search feature that allows users to search anything at all in the app, name, location, dates, personalized notes. An easy an robust way to search.

  • K-feed- A system and platform designed for users to share K-notes, photos, videos, and events to communicate to other users to show live meetings and conversations.

  • K-Biz- A feature that allows users to list their private/ personal business to other users and increase rankings.

Users can add multiple contacts and store based on 

-Strong Tie Connections

-New Tie Connections

Simple 2 Levels of Memberships.

1. Free
Trial memberships include unlimited K-note sharing. 1000 konnex credits upon sign up .

2. Premium version $9.99 per month or $99 Discount annual subscription.
Includes 1 year business page listing.

10,000 Konnex Credits.
25% Discount Konnex Credits.
Exclusive invites to high ranking level events.
Discounted 6 month website creation for mobile and web services.
Priority Seo ranking in Konnex platform.

To learn more, enter your email and get early access to the prototype.

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Konnex Radio Live Interview

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My  mentor Bob Proctor and I.

Hello, I'm the Founder and Creator of Konnex, this picture was taken at my mentor''s office, Bob Proctor's personal studio. Konnex is the world's next social media networking platform to help you better connect with others and achieve all your goals faster than ever before with the power of a powerful network. 


Konnex will help shape and transform the way you connect with others and through our platform we guarantee your contacts will never forget where, when and why they met you.

Konnex- Connecting the world in an unforgettable way!

-Aurangzeb Shereef

Brendan Iribe (Founder of Oculus Rift) and I, at the University of Maryland Bit Camp, Hack-A-thon. Mark Zuckerberg bought his company for $2 Billion. Konnex will have a virtual reality component to it and we will be partnering with Oculus in the future to accomplish the task.

Here is picture of Brendan Iribe in case you have never heard of him, With Mark Zuckerberg testing out out his virtual reality headset, Oculus rift. Which he bought for $2billion

My first book is Konnex: The next generation of business networking. Describing my story and how Konnex was formed. It is a detailed guide how to start, build, launch your own social media business. It is a comprehensive guide on how to leverage social media to gain more users and clients and ultimately reach your goals.

My 2nd book is "Master The Art of Networking. How to use your Yoda Powers when speaking to others.

My 3rd book is " A Billion in You'' Billionaire secrets and tips from candid conversations and personal tips from exclusive billionares from around the globe that Aurangzeb Shereef personally met and spoke too. Featured Billionaires include:

1. Mark Zuckerberg ( Founder of Facebook)

2. Kevin Plank ( Founder of Under Armour)

3. Evan Spielgal ( Co-founder of Snapchat)

4. Mark Cuban ( President of Dallas Mavericks and Shark Tank Judge)

5. Elon Musk ( Founder of Tesla, SpaceX, Co-founder of Solar City)

6. (Bill and Melinda Gates), Microsoft

7.  Warren Buffet ( Berkshire Hathaway)

8. Jeff Bezos( Founder of Amazon

9. Larry Page & Sergey Brin( Founder of Google)

10. Amancio Ortega( Zara)

11. Carlos Slim ( Mexican billionaire)

12. Larry Ellison (Oracle)

13. Koch Brothers( Koch Industries)

14. Micheal Bloomberg (Former mayor of New York)

15. Oprah (Oprah Winfrey)

16. Micheal Jordan (Hall of Fame Basketball Player)

17. Brendan Iribe (Co-founder of Oculus Rift)

18. Donald Trump (President of the Trump Organization & President of the United States)

19. Walton family (Walmart)

20. Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group)

21. Aurangzeb Shereef (President, Konnex Organization)

(All names mentioned are level 51 on Konnex)

Suggestions for other more billionaire mentors please forward to konnexorganization@gmail.com

Konnex will also be hosting the best networking events in the world at certain locations with celebrities and networking experts.

Konnex will also be holding Konnex Summits with 20 of the worlds richest billionare's and 10 chosen lucky Konnex Summit Lottery Winners to attend.

Famous /Important Friends

                                                                           Christoper Scolese, Director of NASA



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University of Maryland is our sponsor and we will be holding regular events on campus!