Connecting the world in an unforgettable way

Konnex: The next generation of Social media networking 

We love every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

It all started in my dorm room at college at The University of Maryland back In 2012. While searching for a job I was attending hundreds of career fairs and was getting tired of being brushed off and forgotten at events by recruiters and people. Facebook was good and LinkedIn was okay, but they were both missing something that would ultimately drive me to create the world's next social media networking platform that would help others and society connect in an unforgettable way. Konnex was born.

Initial Designs 2014

First Designs Being made. On a Napkin.. Like every other great idea or company formed...
Seriously, on an American Airlines napkin, 30,000 feet in the air.

Ideas Refined

As time went on, my ideas were formed. I assembled a star-studed team and recevied backing from notable investors. A great mentor of mine once said, " If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand" and nothing of extransodry success has ever been acheieved alone. -BoB Proctor

100 Million Users a Month

The Goal of Konnex is to have 100Million+ users active a month and to help people throughout the world connect with each-other and never be forgotten again.