Connecting the world in an unforgettable way

Auran Shereef 

President and Founder of Konnex

Aurangzeb Shereef is a seasoned entrepreneur with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Double Minor In Business and Entrepreneurship. He has worked at Major corporations and held high titles at Northrop Grumman, M.C Dean and NASA. When he is not working on Konnex he is teaching students at the University of Maryland, in Software Engineering, Website and Mobile App Development.

Blair Petring

Director of Marketing.

Blair Petring graduated from VCU with a degree in Marketing and is the director. She utilizes her resources and talents to expand the company.  

Alicia R. Porter

Director of Human Resources

Alicia recently joined the Konnex team as Director of Human Resources.

Her Background is extensive in Human Resources and ensures Konnex has A-Players in the company as Steve Jobs would say.




Tsogt (Scott) has a degree in Business Administration and Economics and is the Finance Manager of Konnex. He is using his skills and abilities to ensure our company is operating with a positive cash flow and capitalizing on opportunities to generate more income streams. 

In his free time, Tsogt has been playing the guitar for over 10 years and looking forward to improve his capabilities with a Master’s Degree in Finance.