Connecting the world in an unforgettable way

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Welcome to Konnex!

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Welcome to the new age of mobile communication. Konnex is THE new social media networking platform that helps you connect and stay better connected with others in an unforgettable way and in turn improving your short-term memory.

Konnex has special features such as

  • Knotes- A personalized note-taking feature that allows users to digitally record conversation or notes about another person. Feature allows user to send notes to new contacts and ability to post publicly or privately.

  • Geo-Notes- A Geo-location feature that tracks user location and displays on an easily readable map.

  • Robust Search feature- Proprietary search feature that allows users to search anything at all in the app, name,location,dates,personalized notes. An easy an robust way to search.

  • Blogfeed- A system and platform designed for users to share K-notes,photos,videos, and events to communicate to other users to show live meetings and conversations.

  • Business Page- A profile page displaying user information and also relevant information that only Konnex users can view.

Users can add contacts according to level of priority.
AAA contacts
AA contacts
A contacts

3 Levels of membership

Silver- Free Tier, basic features and limited access to connect to high level individuals.

Gold- Paid Tier, Additional features, Ad-free and access to partial business board.

Platinum- Paid tier, Full-access to business wall and visual board, ad-free, access to AAA contacts exclusive to Konnex Platinum members and access to Konnex shopping portal.

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Konnex Radio Live Interview

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My  mentor Bob Proctor and I.

Hello, I'm the Founder and Creator of Konnex, this picture was taken at my mentor''s office, Bob Proctor's personal studio. Konnex is the world's next social media networking platform to help better connect you to the people you meet in life. Our mobile app will help you connect and stay better connected with your contacts. 

We offer 3 levels of subscription, silver, gold, platinum. With each level of service the user will get additional features and the top level will have access to high level individuals. When you sign up you will receive 1000 Konnex credits that translate to a dollar value and also can be used to unlock additional features, the more contacts you make the more credits you earn. 

Konnex will help shape and transform the way you connect with others and through our service we guarantee your contacts will never forget where,when, why they met you.

Konnex- Connecting the world in an unforgettable way!

-Aurangzeb Shereef

Brendan Iribe (Founder of Oculus Rift) and I, at the University of Maryland Bit Camp, Hack-A-thon. Mark Zuckerberg bought his company for $2 Billion. Konnex will have a virtual reality component to it and we will be partnering with Oculus in the future to accomplish the task.

Check out the new book, Konnex: The next generation of business networking. Describing my story and how Konnex was formed. It is a detailed guide how to start, build, launch your own ihpone or android app. It is a comprehensive guide how to grow your app business.

UPDATE: Konnex is being updated everyday. We have over 1000 Beta testers and we update our database and app every week in regards to designs and features. Subscribe below to stay in touch with the latest news. Currently IOS version is being tested and Android Version is being developed. We also have a Web Version being developed at the same time. If any Interested investors or individuals looking for work we are currently Hiring! Please submit your resume in the comment box and a member of our team will get back to you! 


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